25 March: call for a European Day of Action

Greece: Eurozone’s first colony. Who is next?

Greece must default if it wants democracy”. Few days ago, Wolfgang Schäuble (the German finance minister) with these words revealed the political model that is prevailing in Europe. The blackmail is being put pretty direct now, without any hesitations. The new plan which will “rescue” the country for the 2nd time in the last 2 years is based in this exact phrase. The “Troika“ (EU,ECB,IMF) together with the unelected government and precious support of the main media, threatened for the 2nd time the whole Greek people. Elections are not allowed till they say so…

From now on, the debt service becomes officially top priority in relation to any other state’s obligations (salaries, pensions, social security). No matter what is the social cost, the banks must be refunded. If necessary, any popular sovereignty will be demolished.

A call to the “european village”!

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