22 March: We are all Portoguese!

Solidarity with the Portuguese people on strike against the austerity measures!

The measures proposed by the Troïka (EU, ECB, IMF) in Greece, in Ireland and in Portugal have plunged these countries into chaos and poverty. Across Europe we must sink or swim together. From Portugal to Greece democracy has lost its meaning; the civil services and governments of these countries are at the service of the bankers.

Portugal is the last of these countries to be put under the supervision of the Troïka, a year after Greece and six months after Ireland. The minimum wage is 485€ before tax, the lowest in Europe; unemployment affects 15% of the population and 35% of the young people; 23.2% of paid workers (54.6% of 15-24 year olds) are linked to their employers by a fixed-term or temporary contract. Prices, on the other hand, are all rising fast. Petrol, for example, is more expensive than in France. At the moment 25% of the Portuguese people live below the poverty threshold.

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  1. Thanks to the solidarity of Greek citizenship Obrigado à solidariedade da cidadania grega.

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