#GlobalNoise #OK13Global #13O Today is the day

#GlobalNoise  Today is the #GlobalNoise day!!

Global Noise: a wake-up call for the world to reject austerity




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The action in Australia is right now being successfully transmitted through tweeter http://m.ustream.tv/channel/occupy2501?rmalang=en_US

We have a great tool here http://live.globalnoise.net/
the list of streams here http://live.globalnoise.net/live-streams/

The live MAP http://www.voces25s.es/globalnoise/

the final list of countries that joined #GlobalNoise here http://www.globalnoise.net/wiki/who-is-already-in-2/

I have to say that we have successfully merged groups and activists from the western world, form now on we have to cherish this network and make the best out of it, juts matter of caring about our brothers and sisters


#globalnoise irc channel to see bot live out of twitter connect to indymedia irc server or go to http://occupythecomms.cc/g/globalnoise

And we also have the next steps, after the GLOBAL WEEK OF ACTION 12-20O
there are many more global appointments, please check http://wiki.occupy.net/wiki/Time_line and add events

Finally, the transition to a more resilient and compact network of activists canl be facilitated and managed, with your help through VIA22 http://via22global.wix.com/via22