Live newsfeed for #6dgr

Two demonstrations are planned for today, for the fourth aniversary of the murder of 15-year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos by a police officer in the downtown district of Exarcheia. School students are calling for a demo in downtown Athens at 11:00 local time, while there will also be an afternoon demonstration in downtown Athens at 19:00. There are also plans for feeder marches and local demonstrations throughout the city. There are also demonstrations in almost every town and city. The police has anounced the closure of two metro stations from 10:00 in the morning and until further notice for “security reasons” (namely Syntagma and Panepistimio).

11:39 Students from schools and univercities gathering at Propylaia, Panepistimiou street still open though.Student demo in Thessaloniki too.

11:40 Photo from demo in thessaloniki by @VeriasA

11:54 this is the picture until now in Athens. Heavy police presence in all major streets and side-streets, some groups of undercover police officers situated in key parts along the projected route of the demos.

11:59 Unconfirmed reports of an autonomus student protest for Grigoropoulos in Bologna

12:02 Panepistimiou avenue closed by students and teachers. Demo about to start

12:03 Pic from demo in Bologna via @Ortic4

12:23 Perfecture of Northern Aegean Isles in Mytilini occupied.


The former pic comes from athens.indymedia

12:26 150 persons in demonstration outside the police station of Agioi Anargyroi (to the west of athens)

12:32 Demonstration just started
12:34 Students banner in Athens demo

via @MakisSynodinos
“This day is always yours because the cops shot your generation”

12:39 Tension between police and demonstrators in Panepistimiou ave, riot police attacked demo in Ag. Dimitriou Ave (Thessaloniki) with flash bangs
12:45 alterthess website reports use of teargas and two detentions in thessaloniki
12:47 Demo in Athens has reached Santaroza street (near Omonoia). Riots are following closely

12:50 Demo now on Stadiou str, moving towards syntagma square
12:59 Demo arrived at the old Parliament (kolokotronis sq). Loads of riots
13:02 downtown bologna blocked by demo. The FIOM contigent is passing now

13:05 First estimates now talking about more than two thousand students in the demo
13:06 Demo arriving at Syntagma under heavy police presence
13:09 Unconfirmed reports about running street battles in Thessaloniki
13:14 Demo turning to Panepistimiou str and about to return to propylaea
13:17 Just came in from Patras, 600 students and pupils in the demo there
13:19 Just came in teargas and clashes in the western city of Agrinio. Hundreds of people there too
13:20 Just came in tension between pupils and police outside aigaleo police station (southwest of athens) during local demo.
last three news items via
13:26 Teargass now at Propylaia (Athens), students setting up barricades in Thessaloniki reports two detentions in Athens

13:29 Riots have kettled demo at Propylea. Bear in mind that an army of riots has been deployed against schoolchildren
13:33 Major police operation in the Univercity area of Thessaloniki, aiming to disperse the demonstrators.
13:35 All quiet now in Thessaloniki, people gathered at the entrance of the trade fair, pupils starting a new march. Meanwhile part of the Athens demo is marching up Em. Mpenaki str. , in order to reach the place where Grigoropoulos was murdered, in Exarheia
13:40 Police attacked another part of the Athens demo at the corner of Panepistimiou and Patision (omonoia)
13:42 Multiple tweeps reporting a detention in Omonoia. Clashes in local student demo in Halandri (northern athens) too
13:45 4 detentions in athens, until now.. All of them pupils unrelated to the clashes, kettled in the uni. Reports of use of excessive police violence
Police attack happened inside university grounds
13:56 Just came in. Demos in Patras just ended. A lot of people participated. Demos going on throughout the island of Crete too. Via
14:01 Clashes between pupils and riots are now taking place in Exarheia. The self-organised park at Navarinou street looks like a battlefield
14:06 Just came in. Three students detained at Patras, via athens.indymedia
14:14 Many demonstrators now at the place where the murder of Grigoropoulos took place
14:25 excessive use of tergas at Omonoia
14:32 Reports of demo(s) in Turkey too
14:36 Just came in 150 pupils at demo in Northwestern port city of Igoumenitsa. Scuffles with police, 3 detentions via
14:41 10 detentions in Thessaloniki so far
16:25 Roundup of last events. 18 detentions in the Halandri demo. 19 detentions in Athens, three turned into arrests, three arrests in Igoumenitsa
16:32 foto of demo in turkey via @_sheilas_ “Alexis Our Brother”


16:38 “so that we shall not live as slaves” Foto by Marios Lolos

17:03 Photo via @VeriasA_ “I won’t forget (cc the murder of Alexis)”


17:09 Things are quiet around downtown Athens at the moment. Anarchist groups and leftists have called for a demo at 19:00 local time.

17:14 Students, pupils and precarious workers occupied a building in Rome. They named it “Alexis”


17:24 People are arriving at Propylaia for the evening demonstration
17:26 Five out of the nine detentions reported in Thessaloniki where turned into arrests
18:38 Riots and DELTA attacking demo at propylea for no reason. Teargas and flash grenades. A lot of detentions between the nat.library and the university
18:41 Head of the demo (mainly SYRIZA) is on Stadiou str, moving rapidly towards Syntagma
18:46 Destination Syntagma via @christina_la
19:11 Demo has stopped close to Syntagma
19:11 Demo at Thessaloniki, starting now from Kamara
19:22 Athens demo now moving up Vas. Georgiou str (oposite hotel Grand Bretagne in Syntagma)
19:27 Thessaloniki demo just turned around and is moving up Tsimiski str
19:30 Athens demo returning to Propylaia.
19:49 Demonstration entering Exarheia, riots keep close
19:53 teargas in Exarhia
19:58 Riots and Golden Dawn members stopped the demo in Kalamata
20:17 Golden Dawn members retreating to their offices
02:25 Last info on #6dgr. 50 detained in the city of Volos (Central Greece). Four of them where arrested. 60 detentions and fifteen arrests in Athens throughout the day. There where also four wounded protesters.