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11:49 Today, January 12, the people of the villages and towns around the area of #skouries are travelling to Athens, to show their opposition to the open gold mining project there. This project will result in the loss of thousands of jobs in the sectors of tourism and agriculture, the two most important parts of the local economy. Skouries is in the Northeastern part of the region of Chalkidiki. The project will also have an enormous environmental impact, due to the use of poisonous chemicals during the process, and the subsequent contamination of nearby rivers, crops and the over 100 years old forest in the middle of which the mining zone is planned.

Trees from  #skouries in the demo Foto via @captainsands

"They have signed the distruction of Chalkidiki!Stop the crime! Stop corruption!"

“They have signed the destruction of Chalkidiki! Stop the crime! Stop Corruption!
11:54 Foto via @mpodil

11:59 From photos it appears that a lot of people have come to the demo. Athenians and citizens of Chalkidiki


Una foto de la marcha mas
One more foto from the demo
12:02 Foto via @dromografos
Ciudadanos del Alcalde de Aristotelis en pl Korai via @captainsands
Citizens fro the municipality of “Aristotelis in Korai plaza via @captainsands
The demo is arriving at #syntagma

The demo is arriving at #syntagma

12:32 Last photo via @patsiko

13:37 Corporate media talk of more than 2,000 persons participating in the demo

12:42 Via mobile phone  More than 1,5k persons in the demo. Demo has just arrived at #syntagma square. Most of them are from Chalkidiki

People from skouries left the trees in front of the parliament via @tovytio

People from skouries left the trees in front of the parliament via @tovytio

13:28 Demo now arriving at Propylaia, estimates show about 5,000 participants

13:43 Solidarity to villa amalias and other occupations sealed by police is about to start. Lots of people in front of propylaia

13:49 Demo just started

13:56 More than five thousand participants in the demo

13:57 More than 2,000 people in the solidarity demo in Thessaloniki

13:59 New estimate on the number of participants in the solidarity demo in Athens. Much more than 5 k. Maybe six or seven thousand

14:11 Demo moving towards the courthouses at Evelpidon street

14:18 Demo just buy Athens Polytechnic with the police following at a close distance. All is quiet at the moment

14:44 Demo still on its way to the courthouses. Will be arriving any minute now

15:04 Demonstration arrived in front of the courthouses

15:07 Demonstration in front of the courthouse. Loads of riot police

15:47 Newest estimate on the number of demonstrators. They have reached 8k

15:58 Demo just finished

The occupation arrestee's  solidarity demo just outside the courthouses of Evelpidon str

The occupation arrestee’s solidarity demo just outside the courthouses of Evelpidon str