Greek solidarity for Turkish people

I collect here some of the comments that have been written on Facebook, depicting the solidarity of Greek people for the Turkish uprise in Taksim square.

“Solidarity to Turkish people. You fight for our dignity too brothers…”

“The night is still young and there is a possibility that the Turkish government falls tonight, as the clashes spread in other cities as well, such as Ankara, Izmir. Solidarity to the insurgents!”

“TOMORROW not the day after, TOMORROW we must go and demonstrate in front of the Turkish embassy. Some people are bleeding out there…”

“Solidarity to our Turkish brothers! When are we going to the Turkish embassy?”

“Tonight we’re all Turkish”

“Look, the others have started already!… TURKS, kardesh!”

“We are all Taksim’s Kemals…”

“Revolted Istanbul. Solidarity to our Turkish comrades!”

“Today, our heart beats for you, neighbors! You are not alone! Be strong! United we stand! #direngeziparki”