June 3, 0138 hrs CET

Dear people,

The events are unfolding fast. Right now, there is a major crackdown going on in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Antalya and god knows where else. It’s so bad that even the Syrian government is warning its own citizens that it’s unsafe to travel to Turkey.

The Turkish media are hardly covering it at all. The social and international media are covering it around the clock. Curiously, the tweet that got most retweets by far – over 20.000 – was a message of solidarity by Galatasaray football player Wesley Sneijder.

Today at Taksim, the epicentre of the protest, things were peaceful. The people were in full control of the square and enjoying their newly liberated park. Like a rock in a pond, the uprising is now expanding to the far corners the country.

At nightfall, police began their coordinated attack. Once again they made…

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