4/6 Thousands of People right now in turkish squares -Help Us Spread the Truth



This is #Taksim sq at 9pm // Así está #Taksim 9pm #occupyGezi #Estambul #Turquía p/v @Fawkxy



Gezi parki 4/6/ midnight (photo via @Fawkxy) #DirenGeziParkı  #OccupyGezi #direngezi




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Message from Istanbul

Message from Istanbul

We are awake my friends and family
We die, we get tired, we get injured, we faint, we get traumatized
We witness brutality we haven’t experienced before
Yet we are rising
And growing
Again and again and again

Our love, care and support for each other only gets stronger
Our light gets only bigger
We become more resilient
We learn how strong we can be when we are together

We are more powerful, more human, smarter, more beautiful, more brave, more creative, more resourceful, more self-sufficient, more all together
More free
More connected than the conscienceless government
Their media, and police, and whoever is silent and overpass their crime

We have never felt so alive!
We have never felt more in solidarity!

We don’t accept their authority and we disobey their rules
They can’t keep us silent!
They can’t kill our love and our spirit!
They can’t kill freedom!

Grateful to all who are with us in person and in spirit
Thank you to all to those who are praying for us, who are doing something from afar

And hella yeah Anonymous! WE LOVE YOU!

In solidarity from Istanbul

Posted to Ezgi’s wall on June 2nd, 2013


Μήνυμα Αλληλεγγύης προς Τούρκους ακτιβιστές: Εμπειρία και προειδοποιήσεις από την Αιγυπτιακή επανάσταση

Solidarity Message to Turkish Activists: Experience and Warnings from the Egyptian Revolution

Türkiyeli Aktivistler İçin Dayanışma Mesajı: Mısır Devriminden Deneyimler ve Uyarılar

Gezi Resists


June 4, 0314 hrs CET

Dear people,

Throughout the afternoon barricades were reinforced in Besiktas district, not only with stones, but also with lances, Braveheart style. In Izmir massive crowds took the streets while police randomly harassed people along the seaside. On the social media CNN was ridiculed. While the international edition was broadcasting yesterday’s clashes live, the Turkish CNN broadcast a documentary on penguins.

And graffiti, for the record, “rebel so hard tayyip wanna gas me!”

At Gezi Park, medical students prepared a first aid centre, with an abundant stash of supplies. In the late afternoon, clashes were reported around the country. They were particularly heavy in Ankara, where thousands and thousands of students defied police repression.

Upon his arrival in Morocco, Erdogan was faced by a demonstration against ‘the dictator’.

In the evening, over a hundred thousand people gathered in Taksim. An assembly was held in Gezi Park…

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