Turkish Nights


June 4, 2307 hrs CET

Dear people,

It has been a day of grief and rage and celebration. And once again it has been an evening of heavy clashes. In Dersim, Antakya, Adana, and around Istanbul as we speak. In Ankara masses of people have taken the Tuzlucayir square, where thousands remain on guard around camp fires. Students and unions are joining the protest side by side. Tomorrow will be another day of strike. At the moment, Gezi park is so completely occupied that you can’t even get in.

This afternoon, the man who was killed by police in Antakya yesterday, Abdullah Cömert, was laid to rest. His funeral was accompanied by crowds filling the city’s streets and shouting “Erdogan! Murderer!” As the clashes continue into the night, and police intensify their attacks, we get reports that entire neighbourhoods join in to defend the barricades. “Local citizens give their chairs…

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One comment on “Turkish Nights

  1. Letter sent by Amnesty International members to Turkish prime Minister :
    Dear Prime Minister

    I am writing to express my deep concern about recent events in Istanbul and elsewhere in Turkey where security forces have used excessive force resulting in many injuries to peaceful protesters.

    I use you to:

    immediately end the excessive use of force against peaceful protesters;
    respect and ensure the right to freedom of expression and assembly;
    and conduct a prompt, independent and impartial investigation into the excessive use of force and bring to justice law enforcement officials found to have ill-treated demonstrators or other members of the public.

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