These are our streets…


June 7

Dear people,

This thing is far from over. The prime minister took up the challenge. He is ready to call out the protesters for a duel, one on one, at Gezi Park, high noon.

He owes it to his image as a strong leader to take an uncompromising stance. Upon return in Turkey after his North African field trip he said protesters are bordering on illegality. He made cliche accusations of terrorists and foreign agents being behind the protest, and he rallied his supporters to come welcome him at the airport.

Meanwhile, the protesters have far more important things to do than worry about what Tayyip does or says. They are in another world, a new world that they made possible with their own hands. They are organizing their camps, they are creating working groups, holding assemblies, etc. etc. Revolutionary fever is running wild in Turkey.

Taksim and…

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