Saturday Night at Gezi Park


Istanbul, June 8

Dear people,

Picture this. It’s actually pretty cinematographic. A dungeon with screens. A table with a bottle of coke, a bag of crisps. And a drowsy editor, monitoring the situation. The editor is me. I see one of the screens lighten up. I look and I don’t believe it. I tap on the screen to see if it goes away. It doesn’t. I turn on the sound, and I say: “What the hell. It’s revolution.”

That was over ten days ago. Now picture the Global Revolution newsdesk a week later. Communications strategy reunion. We have streams coming in from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. The squares are taken. “Right, we have the bird’s eye view of what’s happening. Now we need to send someone in.”

So here I am. Special reporter for Global Revolution in Istanbul. I got here an hour and a half ago, just after dark…

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