Gezi International


Istanbul, June 11, 0048 hrs.

Dear people,

The tanks didn’t come this morning. We are still here. It has been another day of freedom.

Those of you who ever participated in one of the big occupations will know what it’s like. Freedom is intoxicating. The revolutionary vibe is contagious. There is so much energy whirling around. There is so much to do, and people are so happy to do it.

The priority of the International Brigade is to connect the park directly to the rest of the world. We already have a handful of streamers deployed using mobile hotspots. Soon we will install a wifi network covering the entire square.

In the meantime, I was one of the proud founders of Gezi Park’s International Corner. We need a place for foreigners to plug in. We need to diffuse information in languages other than Turkish. So what starts with an idea…

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