No Pasaran


Istanbul, June 10, 0254 hrs.

Dear people,

There is something awesome about barricades. It’s got to do with the sense of power and determination they convey. And with their romanticism. Nothing is as romantic as a real barricade.

They all have their own style, each of them is different and continuously changing. This morning, the ninth line of defense on the main road had a gate in the middle, the ‘Gate of Freedom’. During the evening it was closed in anticipation of an upcoming attack.

We went down there just now, three of us, reservoir dogs from the International Brigade of Acampada Sol, reunited in Istanbul. Jack has flown in from Madrid today to coordinate the livestreaming effort. At the seventh line of defense we witnessed a reinforcement, where people are digging up the bricks from the street, passing them on through a human chain. As we could clearly notice…

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