The Longest Day


130611 Longest Day 21

[Spanish translation here]

Istanbul, June 12, 1057 hrs.

Dear people,

On the eve of the attack I was sitting in the International Corner, talking to Turkish comrades about the next phase of democratic escalation. At nine in the morning, every neighbourhood of Gezi Park would have organized an assembly. Until now the protest has been coordinated by the people who started it. They were the ones who issued the five demands. But they don’t represent everyone. And so the creation of an assembly in every part of Gezi would be a way to involve all the occupiers in the daily politics of the park.    130611 Longest Day 02

Around four I walk down to see the sun rise over the barricades. There are two main roads leading down. One with fourteen lines of defense, and one with eight. Each of them is defended by different people from different backgrounds. There is a road…

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