Istanbul, June 13, 1050 hrs.

Dear people,

Not surprisingly, the day after the battle, the camp looked like a war zone. The water cannons, the gas attacks, the stampedes, and finally the rain had seriously damaged the peripheral neighbourhoods of Gezi Park. Our Audiovisual stand had been completely destroyed.

I had very ambiguous feelings walking around Gezi yesterday morning. On the one hand, I was so happy that we are still here. And I was so sad to see the camp in these conditions. I was immensely thankful that I had been there to participate in the resistance. For once in my life I really stood for something important, shoulder to shoulder with some of the most wonderful people I ever met. Right from the start I realized that if there’s anything worth fighting for, it’s the Free Republic of Gezi Park. But I was sad that we lost the…

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2η μέρα στο κτιριο της #ert (2nd day in the occupied building of #ert)

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Υπο συνεχή βροχή συνεχίστηκε για δεύτερη μέρα το κυμα διαμαρτυρίας για το κλείσιμο της ΕΡΤ.Χιλιαδες κοσμου βρεθηκαν ξανά μεσα και εξω απο το ραδιομεγαρο στην λ.μεσογείων, συναυλιες αλληλεγγύης στήθηκαν και εκατοντάδες ψηφίσματα συμπαραστασης έφτασαν.Εξαγγέλθηκε γενική απεργία ενώ η κυβέρνηση απο … Continue reading