Gezi 2.0


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Istanbul, June 20. 1657 hrs.

Dear people,

Kadıköy district of Istanbul is like a big city in itself. It has over half a million inhabitants. The whole of Istanbul, spread out over Europe and Asia, is made up of dozens of districts like these. For a total of around 15 million inhabitants. The size of the Netherlands, more or less. One of the biggest agglomerations of the old world, and the new.

Yesterday there were 35 confirmed assemblies all over Istanbul. More than one in some of the districts. At Kadıköy it was even bigger than the day before. Three thousand people or more came together in Yoğurtçu Parkı. It was a big improvement compared to the day before. The assembly lost some of its spontaneous beauty, but it gained a lot of organization. A stage and amplification. Lights and cameras.

All the people and the…

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