Community Occupation


[Spanish translation here]

Istanbul, June 22, 0200 hrs

Dear people,

When you get off the boat in Besiktas and you take a walk through the neighbourhood, you won’t have difficulty to recognise where the clashes took place. Along some of the roads, the sidewalks have completely disappeared.

To turn a sidewalk into a barricade, you start with the small posts and a lot of people to yank them out of place. Once you have taken them out, you can easily gather the stones, and through a human chain you can transport them to the main barricade, or to the supply barricade. Or you can smash them up for ammunition.

There are many useful things to know about the practice of urban resistance. At Abbasaga Park, yesterday, people employed a gazebo as a small Resistance Museum with photos from the last few weeks. Sling shots, catapults, molotovs. Riot police in…

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