In Name of the Law


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Istanbul, July 5

Dear people,

“This can only happen in Turkey,” my brother Naber said, but I’m pretty sure these things can happen in Italy as well.

A month ago, on June 6, when the people had just occupied Gezi Park after days of clashes with police, a Turkish court ruled that the entire reconstruction of the Taksim area, including the park, was unlawful. After that, they kept their decision a secret, until last Wednesday. The project violates current city protection legislation and must be cancelled. Personally, I wonder why the court didn’t rule, or wasn’t asked to rule, before they brought in the bulldozers, but hey, this is Turkey.

So all those people who defended Gezi Park against demolition, who got gassed, shot at, even killed, were actually defending the rule of law against authorities themselves. Now it’s the police who are illegally occupying Gezi…

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Reasons to Fight


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Istanbul, July 7

Dear people,

It’s not hard to predict the weather once you get to Taksim Square. Yesterday evening it was obvious straight away that there was tear gas in the air.

Police had blocked all the exits and kept considerable reserves in the park and in the square itself. For streaming purposes we took up position from one of the terraces. We saw the communists marching down Istiklal street behind a banner that was obviously inspired by the events in Egypt. “Government resign”, it said.

After the communists came the anarchists of çArşı. After them came the representatives of Taksim Solidarity. They brought the court order, which declared the redevelopment of Taksim and Gezi Park to be illegal. They showed it to the line of riot police and demanded access to the square. In response, they got showered by…

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Medical Findings on Mr. Sakkas (rough translation of the medical findings from the pathologist Olga Kosmopoulou)

This is a rough translation of the medical findings from the pathologist Olga Kosmopoulou, who examined Mr. Sakkas in Nikaia General Hospital, on the 4th of July, 2013. You can find the original [Gr] here (

Notes relevant to the translation are in the footnotes.

Translated from greek by: @gkampolis (

7/4/2013 (1)

I examined today Mr. Sakkas Constantinos, 29 yrs old, who is hospitalized while in custody, in a special room reserved for detainees, in the Nikaia General Hospital.

He’s undergoing the 31st day of hunger strike. So far he’s lost 13 kgr of body weight, which corresponds to more than 15% of the weight he had when he started his hunger strike.

He suffers from intense weakness while the past few days he displays an inability to focus. Characteristically he cannot read for long periods of time, as he was able before the hunger strike. He displays a small edema when pressure is applied to the lower limbs. His blood pressure remains at low levels and he frequently displays bradycardia, i.e. low heart (pulse) rate. He’s plagued by dry eyes and persistent constipation.

Yesterday he exhibited continuous fever within 1 °C, with the symptom receding by itself.

From the lab tests is inferred that the specific gravity of urine is still low while from inspecting the patient it must be pointed out the beginnings of a skin fold, associated with the loss of subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue.

Once more the high degree of risk for Mr. Sakkas must be mentioned. The probability of non-reversible lesions increases exponentially while his abstention from consuming food is prolonged.

In the relevant medical bibliography, a patient’s condition is considered dangerous after 10 days without food (Mr. Sakkas is undergoing his 31st) and after 10% loss of body weight (Mr. Sakkas has lost more than 15%).

It is a mathematical certainty, if his abstention from eating is continued, it will lead to his death.

Olga Kosmopoulou


“Epimelitria A” (2)

National Health System

1.In Greece the day is placed first, then the month and after that the year.Therefore in the original you’ll see 4/7/2013

2.Rank in the National  Health System.

Please sign the petition for the release of K.Sakkas  here