Police attacks the new occupied social center in Kraków #PustotanyWręceMieszkańców

15M Barcelona Internacional

On Saturday, 13/07/2013 at approx. 5 p.m. a police patrol drove up at the squatted building at Worcella Str. 8. Seeing one of the residents in the window, they asked him to approach the door. Two people approached the police car parked nearby, and having their data written down, the officers searched them and arrested (moment of the arrest: the video below). When the police tried to get inside, four people managed to leave the building without being seen. When they got to the police station to get information about detained colleagues, they found out that they had been released. The police destroyed their phones, and then bullied them. It is not known what will be the legal consequences of this incident, we are waiting for further developments.

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