Gezi Homecoming


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Istanbul, July 9

Dear people,

Gezi Park was officially re-opened for the public yesterday afternoon. Too bad the square was closed so nobody could get there. Authorities had lined up a ridiculous amount of police in Taksim, and they didn’t lose any time to attack the people who assembled there between six and seven o’ clock. So once again, it was going to be a night of clashes.

After a month in Istanbul, you learn the basics about urban resistance. Let me fill you in.

First, organisation. Generally, people go in groups, or cells, of say six to twelve people with a certain affinity. Each cell is divided into buddies. Hook up with one other person. Look out for that person and don’t lose him or her. A number of cells together can form a cluster. These clusters may or may not have a political, social…

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Historical Atlas of Gezi Park


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Istanbul, June 27

Dear people,

One of my primary objectives when I arrived at Gezi Park almost three weeks ago, was to leave a map of this place, for the historical record. The reason is obvious. Temporary Autonomous Zones are highly evanescent. You have to catch them straight away.

I started my geographical explorations the day after my arrival. Almost a week later, just before the final attack began, I had only just finished mapping the last neighbourhood of downtown. If I had had more time, I could have done a better job, but the amount of data I collected was enough to create a ‘Historical Atlas of Gezi Park’, which I here proudly present to you.

The Atlas consists of six maps.

One is a general overview of the ‘administrative’ subdivisions of the park.

Two is a detailed road map of Gezi Republic with residential…

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Keep on Standing


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Istanbul, June 18, 1251 hrs.

Dear people,

Istanbul is under occupation. On all the squares there is police. The National Guard is out patrolling the streets with real guns. In the neighbourhoods, AKP thugs armed with clubs and knives are intimidating people to stay indoors. The government has started to make targetted arrests. In Ankara it’s turning into a manhunt. And yet, it’s us they accuse of ‘terrorism’.

Twenty-two members of çArşı (A stands for Anarchy), the Besiktas hardcore who kicked police asses in the first week and made it possible for people to occupy Taksim, have been arrested in their homes and taken into custody under accusation of terrorism. Their crime is that they have been seen, in photos, at the barricades.

Sunday had been another tear gas festival all over town. In the evening, a small group of people gathered in Abbasaga park in…

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please share! copy/paste

LIVE FROM ISTANBUL: Today, following Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s extremely sectarian, separatist, and fictious speech in Ankara, around 9 PM, the Turkish police began to attack thousands of people who were at the Gezi Park and Taksim square, having dinner. There are kids under 4-5 years old, mothers, and old people among those who were under gas and pressurised water attack. According to reports, police doesn’t allow journalists to report or to take pictures from Gezi Park. They are also attacking with pressurised water against businesses such as the famous Divan Hotel that opened its doors to protestors running away from brutality. People are saying that there are thousands of wounded people inside of the hotel. People formed a human chain in front of the hotel to prevent police to attack. Another report says that people cannot leave the hotel because police is arresting whoever leaves. There are also unconfirmed reports that police shut down the metro and boats between Asia and Europe to stop people coming and joining the rest. Another report says that there is a jammer in the area to prevent TV stations’ broadcast. There are hundreds of wounded people. There are a lot of missing kids, or kids who are separated from their families. Protestors are fighting with the police in Sıraselviler, Cihangir, Harbiye, and most likely around Dolmabahçe and Maçka. People call it a total brutality, a real savagery that is going on tonight. What we are seeing is an ugly war where only one side has weapons.

5.6.2013 #DirenGeziParkı #OccupyGezi




Σήμερα στις 14:00 Ζογκλέρ, μουσικοί και καλλιτέχνες από πολλά μέρη της Τουρκίας έρχονται μαζί στο Gezi Parkı.

Bugün saat 14:00’de Türkiye’nin pek çok yerinden jonglör, müzisyen ve sanatçılar Gezi Parkı için bir araya geliyor.

Today at 14:00 juggling, musicians and artists from many parts of Turkey coming together to Gezi Parkı.