Gezi Homecoming


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Istanbul, July 9

Dear people,

Gezi Park was officially re-opened for the public yesterday afternoon. Too bad the square was closed so nobody could get there. Authorities had lined up a ridiculous amount of police in Taksim, and they didn’t lose any time to attack the people who assembled there between six and seven o’ clock. So once again, it was going to be a night of clashes.

After a month in Istanbul, you learn the basics about urban resistance. Let me fill you in.

First, organisation. Generally, people go in groups, or cells, of say six to twelve people with a certain affinity. Each cell is divided into buddies. Hook up with one other person. Look out for that person and don’t lose him or her. A number of cells together can form a cluster. These clusters may or may not have a political, social…

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In Name of the Law


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Istanbul, July 5

Dear people,

“This can only happen in Turkey,” my brother Naber said, but I’m pretty sure these things can happen in Italy as well.

A month ago, on June 6, when the people had just occupied Gezi Park after days of clashes with police, a Turkish court ruled that the entire reconstruction of the Taksim area, including the park, was unlawful. After that, they kept their decision a secret, until last Wednesday. The project violates current city protection legislation and must be cancelled. Personally, I wonder why the court didn’t rule, or wasn’t asked to rule, before they brought in the bulldozers, but hey, this is Turkey.

So all those people who defended Gezi Park against demolition, who got gassed, shot at, even killed, were actually defending the rule of law against authorities themselves. Now it’s the police who are illegally occupying Gezi…

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Reasons to Fight


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Istanbul, July 7

Dear people,

It’s not hard to predict the weather once you get to Taksim Square. Yesterday evening it was obvious straight away that there was tear gas in the air.

Police had blocked all the exits and kept considerable reserves in the park and in the square itself. For streaming purposes we took up position from one of the terraces. We saw the communists marching down Istiklal street behind a banner that was obviously inspired by the events in Egypt. “Government resign”, it said.

After the communists came the anarchists of çArşı. After them came the representatives of Taksim Solidarity. They brought the court order, which declared the redevelopment of Taksim and Gezi Park to be illegal. They showed it to the line of riot police and demanded access to the square. In response, they got showered by…

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“We don’t forget, we don’t forgive…”


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Istanbul, July 3

Dear people,

In a corner of the ‘Blue Mosque’ of Sultan Ahmed, I sit on the carpet, with my shoes in a plastic bag.  It’s one of those bags you use for fruit in the supermarket. At the entrance, a man rips them off from a roll and hands them out to the faithful.

I probably would never have come to this place if someone hadn’t taken me here, a friend of mine. She had to cover her shoulders before she went in, and in order to cover her hair she used one of the scarfs they give to the women who don’t already wear one. She doesn’t go to mosque usually. She doesn’t pray when the speaker calls for it. But she’s a Muslim. Of course she is. And her family has nothing to do with it.

This is one of the…

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The Unspeakable


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Istanbul, July 1

Dear people,

As millions of people took the streets in Egypt and millions of Spaniards finished to vote on popular democracy in a nationwide plebiscite, Istanbul celebrated the biggest Gay Pride parade in its history. It was the grand finale of LGBT week. As expected, the people of Gezi Park joined them in an extravaganza of colours, joy and rhythm, a celebration of diversity and resistance. It was a styleful conclusion of a month that people in Turkey will not lightly forget.

There had been a demonstration in Taksim the day before that had been smaller and definitely less gay, but no less significant. Some 20.000 people came to the square on Saturday night in solidarity with the Kurds who were killed and wounded in an attack in Lice. It’s maybe a thousandfold as many people as would have demonstrated before Occupy Gezi…

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Istanbul, June 29

Dear people,

The two biggest popular forums in Istanbul are Beşiktaş and Kadıköy. They host thousands of people every day. The former is a point of reference for the European side of the city, the latter for the Asian side. Both are apparently very distinct in nature, like all the districts of Istanbul. Beşiktaş is left wing with a tendency towards anarchism. Kadıköy is mixed, leaning towards nationalism. Other districts, like Üsküdar are more islamist. But the distinctions don’t end here. Some neighbourhoods are dominated by cats, some by dogs. They don’t mix. The cats have the upper hand.

One thing that people from all the districts have in common is that they love to march and chant. Last Tuesday, we walked together with a few dozen people from Üsküdar to Yoğurtçu Parkı, home of the popular forum of Kadıköy. We again voiced…

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Historical Atlas of Gezi Park


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Istanbul, June 27

Dear people,

One of my primary objectives when I arrived at Gezi Park almost three weeks ago, was to leave a map of this place, for the historical record. The reason is obvious. Temporary Autonomous Zones are highly evanescent. You have to catch them straight away.

I started my geographical explorations the day after my arrival. Almost a week later, just before the final attack began, I had only just finished mapping the last neighbourhood of downtown. If I had had more time, I could have done a better job, but the amount of data I collected was enough to create a ‘Historical Atlas of Gezi Park’, which I here proudly present to you.

The Atlas consists of six maps.

One is a general overview of the ‘administrative’ subdivisions of the park.

Two is a detailed road map of Gezi Republic with residential…

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Rebellion. Revolution. Freedom.


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Istanbul, June 25

Dear people,

It’s pride week in Istanbul, and this time the term pride has a double meaning. On the one hand, the LGBT folk are proud to be queer, and on the other hand, after their heroic stand against police, the rest of us are proud to have them among us. Last Monday, the week kicked off with a good vibe and a swinging march through Istiklal Street. It was only a rehearsal. The big parade will be next Sunday.

Yesterday, indignation spread through Turkey as the man who killed Ethem Sarısülük with a real bullet was released, pending trial. The judge only needed a week to establish that the police officer in question acted within the ‘limits of self defense’.

It’s a dangerous precedent, because if the killer goes unpunished it may pave the way for a police officer’s ‘license to…

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24/6/13 -28 Ημέρες τα Αδέρφια συνεχίζουν τον ηρωϊκό αγώνα σε όλη την Τουρκία με συνελεύσεις και διαμαρτυρίες


Χάρτης των συνελεύσεων σε όλη την #Istanbul




Νέα από 24.6.2013

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23/6/13 -27 Ημέρες τα Αδέρφια συνεχίζουν τον ηρωϊκό αγώνα -αντιστέκονται στις σφοδρές επίθεση στην #Ankara & #Istanbul

This gallery contains 22 photos.

Photos via @VOT99  @sendika_org 02.43: [Άγκυρα] Η γειτονιά του Dikmen μετατράπηκε σε εμπόλεμη ζώνη μετά από 5 ώρες συγκρούσεων. Οι διαδηλωτές ξαναστήνουν τα οδοφράγματα αφότου έδιωξαν τα θωρακισμένα οχήματα. 02.06: [Άγκυρα] Οι επιθέσεις των μπάτσων στο Dikmen έχουν βγει εκτός ελέγχου. Θωρακισμένα οχήματα πετάνε δακρυγόνα σε … Continue reading

Gezi 2.0


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Istanbul, June 20. 1657 hrs.

Dear people,

Kadıköy district of Istanbul is like a big city in itself. It has over half a million inhabitants. The whole of Istanbul, spread out over Europe and Asia, is made up of dozens of districts like these. For a total of around 15 million inhabitants. The size of the Netherlands, more or less. One of the biggest agglomerations of the old world, and the new.

Yesterday there were 35 confirmed assemblies all over Istanbul. More than one in some of the districts. At Kadıköy it was even bigger than the day before. Three thousand people or more came together in Yoğurtçu Parkı. It was a big improvement compared to the day before. The assembly lost some of its spontaneous beauty, but it gained a lot of organization. A stage and amplification. Lights and cameras.

All the people and the…

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Keep on Standing


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Istanbul, June 18, 1251 hrs.

Dear people,

Istanbul is under occupation. On all the squares there is police. The National Guard is out patrolling the streets with real guns. In the neighbourhoods, AKP thugs armed with clubs and knives are intimidating people to stay indoors. The government has started to make targetted arrests. In Ankara it’s turning into a manhunt. And yet, it’s us they accuse of ‘terrorism’.

Twenty-two members of çArşı (A stands for Anarchy), the Besiktas hardcore who kicked police asses in the first week and made it possible for people to occupy Taksim, have been arrested in their homes and taken into custody under accusation of terrorism. Their crime is that they have been seen, in photos, at the barricades.

Sunday had been another tear gas festival all over town. In the evening, a small group of people gathered in Abbasaga park in…

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Message from Istanbul

Message from Istanbul

We are awake my friends and family
We die, we get tired, we get injured, we faint, we get traumatized
We witness brutality we haven’t experienced before
Yet we are rising
And growing
Again and again and again

Our love, care and support for each other only gets stronger
Our light gets only bigger
We become more resilient
We learn how strong we can be when we are together

We are more powerful, more human, smarter, more beautiful, more brave, more creative, more resourceful, more self-sufficient, more all together
More free
More connected than the conscienceless government
Their media, and police, and whoever is silent and overpass their crime

We have never felt so alive!
We have never felt more in solidarity!

We don’t accept their authority and we disobey their rules
They can’t keep us silent!
They can’t kill our love and our spirit!
They can’t kill freedom!

Grateful to all who are with us in person and in spirit
Thank you to all to those who are praying for us, who are doing something from afar

And hella yeah Anonymous! WE LOVE YOU!

In solidarity from Istanbul

Posted to Ezgi’s wall on June 2nd, 2013


Κάρτα απ’ την Κωνσταντινούπολη!

Αναδημοσιεύουμε την κάρτα του φίλου μας Γιάννη απ’ την Κωνσταντινούπολη….

Τα συναισθήματα είναι έντονα, οι εικόνες οι στιγμές εδώ είναι μοναδικές, πρωτόγνωρες θα έλεγα … Δεν ξέρω τι πληροφόρηση υπάρχει στην Ελλάδα, εδώ πάντως δεν υπάρχει καμία επίσημη. Ο κόσμος λέει για δεκάδες νεκρούς, χιλιάδες τραυματίες, πάνω από 900 συλληφθέντες.

Τα μάτια μου είδαν κόσμο ανεξαρτήτου ηλικίας, κοινωνικό υπόβαθρο, επάγγελμα, ομάδες και κυρίως πολιτικές παρατάξεις και φρονήματα να κατεβαίνει στους δρόμους, άντρες με γραβάτες, γυναίκες με μαντίλες, άνθρωποι με αυτοσχέδιες προστατευτικές μάσκες, νέους να μοιράζουν φαγητά ,νερά κτλ… Κόσμο με τύμπανα, με σφυρίχτρες, με φανέλες και κασκόλ αντίθετης ομάδας να περπατάνε πλάι πλάι και να αλληλοστηρίζονται, κόσμος στα μπαλκόνια να βαράει κατσαρόλες.

Όλα φαίνονται συμβολικά, όλα ξεκίνησαν για ένα πάρκο, για 600 δέντρα, χιλιάδες άνθρωποι με τα πόδια περάσανε ουσιαστικά από την Ασία στην Ευρώπη για να ενωθούν με τον υπόλοιπο λαό, σήμερα το πρωί έριξε μια καθαρτήρια βροχούλα …

Τα μάτια μου πιο πολλές φορές είναι δακρυσμένα από την συγκίνηση παρά από τα δακρυγόνα … Γιατί ο κόσμος εδώ δεν είναι “αγανακτισμένος”, δεν είναι νευριασμένος , είναι χαρούμενος, συνειδητοποιημένος και κυρίως αλληλέγγυος

Όταν δύει ο ήλιος στην Τουρκία ο ήχος αυτές τις μέρες είναι ξεσηκωτικός …!!!