Keep on Standing


[Spanish translation in comments]

Istanbul, June 18, 1251 hrs.

Dear people,

Istanbul is under occupation. On all the squares there is police. The National Guard is out patrolling the streets with real guns. In the neighbourhoods, AKP thugs armed with clubs and knives are intimidating people to stay indoors. The government has started to make targetted arrests. In Ankara it’s turning into a manhunt. And yet, it’s us they accuse of ‘terrorism’.

Twenty-two members of çArşı (A stands for Anarchy), the Besiktas hardcore who kicked police asses in the first week and made it possible for people to occupy Taksim, have been arrested in their homes and taken into custody under accusation of terrorism. Their crime is that they have been seen, in photos, at the barricades.

Sunday had been another tear gas festival all over town. In the evening, a small group of people gathered in Abbasaga park in…

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